High Gloss Finish
Uh, on this other blog, there's this thing about a part of the wing on a Seeker, around the lower back, that if you pinch it, you end up throwing up everything that's in your stomach. It was called a "defense mechanism"...you have any idea about that?

Who in Unicron’s violet-tinted name told you that?


this is much better.
id like to see what “insults” and “scares” this guy can come up with! XD

The mere fact that I laughed at this suggests I’ve been on Earth for too long.

Is there any effect on the other part of the interface system when one part is removed? Say, the valve changing after a cord removal?
I like your theme! Form over function is an obnoxiously common problem, and yours is one of the few I've dealt with that mostly manage to avert it. While I'm sure you could find one just as good to switch to, please don't feel like you have to.

Oh, I don’t. One of these days, I’ll gussy it up of my own volition.

If this was the song they played everyday at the pizzeria, I could perhaps then understand why that place is still in business. Lyrical horror has never been so catchy.

Catchy indeed! If those animatronics gave up the humming and chuckling and just played this as they were nearing the office, I might be more inclined to let them in.

Were you and Breakdown ever lovers? Or were you just friends?

Were? Breakdown and I never stopped being friends. 

Not even after the whole sparkbonding business.

Is it possible for a mech or femme to be injured in their alt mode if they get hit by a reckless human in their vehicles whatsoever? Or are they somehow much more durable than our vehicles,

Slightly more durable, but only from the standpoint that transformation tucks your head away into your alt-mode, granting it some additional protection.

This won’t do you a bit of good if you happen to be hurled from a cliff.

Sexual Sunday ask! When a bot becomes aroused, do both the spike and the valve come online, so to speak? Or can a bot - consciously or subconsciously - choose only one part of their interface array to see a physiological response? Does personal preference come into play and override physiology, or does one part of the whole array just get sidelined and take a backseat role?
Ratchet's colorblind?!

Apparently, I’ve said too much. 

Ever heard of anyone just outright refuse any and all upgrades (this including any that happen when they are growing)? And if you have, what happened with them?

I’ve heard of bots trying to fight their official upgrades and failing to various degrees. Most of them were strict devotees of the Ninth Cycle

Since those upgrades contain vital things such as firewalls, refusing them is illegal. But that hasn’t stopped a few desperate interbuilds from slipping out of the student housing, fleeing the cities, and essentially casting aside their places in Cybertronian society, all for the sake of frame autonomy.