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Does 'sex aversion' exist in Cybertronians, and what can cause a bot to be averse to interfacing?

Anything or nothing at all. A traumatic experience, a not-at-all-traumatic-but-still-extremely-unpleasant experience, a physical condition that makes interface uncomfortable, or simple personal preference. 

Some Cybertronians just don’t enjoy interface. That’s their reason for being averse to it, and it’s as good a reason as any. 

cruelfeline said: You make it seem far more hilarious than I’m sure it actually is. Never stop.

I’d find it slightly more hilarious if he’d stop doing it while I was drinking.

Spluttered energon cubes are no laughing matter. 

caroline-decker said: What kind of moment is an inopportune moment?

Any moment where I’m not expecting a pink spark to rise up out of the table like a very fluorescent ghoul from an extremely innocuous crypt. 

Did you ever have the equivalent of a "punk" phase?

I had a phase in which it dawned on me that most of the bots I’d spent my life respecting were no longer worthy of respect. As a result, I became a bit of a brat.

Said phase began when I was about 6 million and ended never. 

But don't you all also put some of the bits and bobs of your alts into subspace when you transform? 'Cuz I refuse to believe Arcee can cram all that into a teeny-tiny motorbike form without some assistance. Do subspace sizes range from mech to mech? Can you get bigger ones?

Ahhh, now that’s getting into the whole issue of mass conversion and displacement. It ties into the topic of subspace somewhat (subspace involves the “spare room” being put to a specific purpose), but they’re not quite the same things.

Subspaces range from size to size depending on the bot, but there’s a limit. For example, you’re never going to be able to fit a second bot in your hip compartment.

Whats a subspace ? How does it work ?

A subspace is a modification in the same way Seeker cockpits are modifications; not naturally occurring, but they’re built into our protoformal coding, so most everyone has one.

They’re just compartments of extra space that can be used to carry small items. Mine is located on my side. 

Knock Out! Tell us about space pirates!

They’re pirates. They live in space. They survive by attacking other ships, though they’re rarely opposed to scavenging wreckage. Most of the civilized universe wishes they would go away. 

There were several moments when Breakdown and I considered finding ourselves a ship, bailing on Cybertron and the war, and taking up a life of piracy. 

Ultimately, the only reason we didn’t was a lack of available ships.

So I was looking up references for that trophy earlier, and I came across this—you, apparently, from the Bayverse.  Scary, no?

I feel like I shouldn’t laugh. Not when he’s trying so very, very, very hard.

No good. Laughed anyway!

*A large basket, colorfully decorated with ribbons that match your paint job has appeared on a nearby table. It is filled with mercury sweets, energon cookies, superluminals and a large edible crystal collection. Happy Easter!*

Oh, you wonderful, wonderful little…

Apologies, everyone. Here’s where I call it an evening.

The Superluminals and I are long overdue for a game of catch-up.

So is Starscream /technically/ dead? Or was he just removed from his body but is still alive? 'Cause I think there's a Pokemon episode like that, where Ash's spirit left his body to go float around with some ghost Pokemon. ... He got better.

All joking aside, he’s unquestionably alive. Offlined sparks don’t usually require fuel, heat, and recharge.