High Gloss Finish
Starscream wanders away from the outpost - Farscream. Starscream practices ballet - Barrescream. Starscream scans a sedan - Carscream. Starscream gets wounded and it heals but leaves a mark - Scarscream.

You seem to be having entirely too much fun with this. 

Were nuclear weapons ever used on Cybertron? How come they didn't annihilate cities and destroy the Cybertronian population in the same way that we imagined total nuclear war to play out on our planet?

We never really took to nuclear weapons…there was no reason to. Not when we had energon right from the start, which suited our every need perfectly — up to and including blowing up our own cities.

Nuclear power is unstable, unwieldy, and dirty by comparison.

Dude. You've touched Starscream's spark. You're probably the only one who's ever done so (Herr Krankenwagen and various medical reasons don't count).

We both agree that it doesn’t count.

I just thought you'd like to know that Radar is displaying echopraxia, which at the very least means that at least he can see us.

That’s phenomenal news, actually. I thought he might eventually show some improvement, but not this quickly.

What about Wildfire? Has he shown signs of being uncomfortable with any of this?

I think you could have made a lovely Recumbentibus Prime.

No doubt I would have.

A lovely prime with an awful, awful name.

Aww, he fits comfortably in the palm of your hand? Do you often hold Starscream like he's a small, docile hamster?


caroline-decker said: How enormous is enormous?

Large enough to contain something which fits comfortably in my hand.

smellslikebiskits said: also couldn’t he just phase through it?

Very easily.

What would happen if you put your spike in a spark? Or put a spark up your valve?

They would tell horror stories about you for all time, and avoid darkened corners on the off-chance you might be lurking around them.