High Gloss Finish
*Poke poke* Mind passin' this on ta Screamy for me? What made him choose a career in the military?

To hear him tell it, it all just sort of fell into place.

Since femmes tend to be smaller than many other Cybertronians, was it actually more of a surprise to find out they can carry as well?

Not really, considering how many femmes are actually quite massive.

Do the Decepticons have any derogatory nicknames for the Autobots, in the same way that a lot of Autobots will use "Cons" or "Decepticreeps" when referring to Decepticons?

"Autoscum", "Autoscrap", and in the case of younger bots, "Autobrat."

Have you ever had a stalker of some kind? Just somebody who was obsessed with you? I mean you're just so fucking perfect.

And how! Deep within the dark, dark recesses of my inbox lies a lovely, threatening message courtesy of this individual.

And that’s all I’ll say about that. 


[[Did that hat of yours happen to fall into the Mithril Sea when it finally disappeared, by chance?]]

If it did, it will have found its true home and its true partner in life all in one fell swoop.

Does there exist at least a story of an aquatic who fell in love with the Mithril Sea? Human culture has quite a few about seamen

Try an entire genre.

It was generally assumed that if you took on an aquatic alt mode, it was because you had an unhealthy fixation on the Mithril Sea and weren’t to be trusted in areas where fuel was being served.

halffinished said: Staring at the Mithril sea, Declaring your undying devotion to the Mithril Sea, Obeying the Mithril Sea, Giving your date to the Mithril Sea as an offering, All you will ever need is the Mithril Sea….

I don’t believe there’s anything I can add to this.

It’s utterly perfect.

Other than sparkbonding, how can a mech show that he really loves a femme? Or, in other words, what are some of the most common romantic gestures from Cybertron?

Oh, you know, all the usual gestures. Drives by the Mithril Sea, flights above the Mithril Sea, invitations to the Mithril Sea, elaborately flavored cubes of anything…

I’m not really kidding with that last one. Energon preparation could get absurdly complicated. If you were even halfway decent at it, you were basically guaranteed not to die alone.

Can someone access someone else's subspace? Like could you go into Breakdown's if you wanted or is it for one bot and one bot only? Could someone give you permission to go in?

If you can locate someone else’s subspace, you can reach inside. They’re not terribly well protected.

ch14r05cur0 said: He’s pretty as anything.

aggressive-greenbean said: You’d basically be pretty as a anything tbh

"Anything" may be stretching it just a tad. I’d rather not have to pull off an oxide shark.

…But given a complete lack of alternatives? I think I could pull off an oxide shark.